You can rely on the Guardian's Steve Bell to mock Afghanistan's historic moment.
How witty.
But a model of understatement compared with Martin Rowson's image of Bush and Rumsfeld as Christian Nazis.

UPDATE & SOME QUICK LINKS: After looking at these cartoons, American friends of mine wonder if the British Left has left the planet. Figureheads such as Margaret Drabble were showing all the symptoms a while ago. A love of conspiracy theories is always a sure sign that you're losing your grip, and I'll never forget Charlotte Raven's callous reaction to 9/11. Once war loomed in Iraq, the literati's conventional wisdom grew louder and louder. Principled voices are still hard to find.
That said, it would help if the Bush administration made
just a little more effort to put its message across. Yes, most of the media are hopelessly biased. But silence is not an option.
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