I feel guilty for not having blogged more on the general election but, like a lot of other people, I haven’t been able to work up enough enthusiasm. I just can’t see Blair’s majority sinking below 85-90 seats. And I’ve certainly had enough of hearing John Humphrys and Jeremy Paxman doing their cranky old men act.

Is a boring contest for the centre ground necessarily a bad thing? Daniel Finkelstein certainly has a point.

A couple of things about the Tory campaign still puzzle me. Why does Michael Howard think that endless, unbearably folksy footage of him running up and down suburban streets is going to impress anyone? And, unless I’ve been dozing, why haven’t I seen him surrounded by all those ethnic minority candidates we keep hearing about? Wouldn’t that have been the obvious way to counter the accusations of racism? His campaign team seems intent on making things very easy for the other side. Or am I missing something obvious?

On the radio, I just heard that David Davis looks like winning his seat. Good news, for a change. If he hangs on, and George Galloway loses, I'll be a reasonably happy man tomorrow night.
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