The Telegraph notes that Michael Howard's campaign manager, Lynton Crosby has been given a tour of the heritage trail

Lord Strathclyde and the party treasurer, Jonathan Marland, took Crosby to Brooks's Club so that he could see something quintessentially English before returning to Australia.

Very quintessential. No wonder voters believe the Conservatives belong on another planet. I've always thought Howard's main problem is that he comes across as a star turn at the Cambridge Union. As he ponders the Tory leader's decision to bow out, columnist
Charles Moore also thinks there is something of the mortar board about him:

Never forget that Michael Howard is a product of student politics - the early 1960s student politics of the Cambridge University Conservative Association, when he vied with John Selwyn Gummer, Leon Brittan, Norman Lamont, Kenneth Clarke and Norman Fowler for the paper hats of undergraduate office. This coup that he has committed against himself is a classic CUCA manoeuvre - secretive, conspiratorial, overcomplicated, probably calculated to benefit some chum or other, so clever that it is stupid.

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