Saudi Jeans has added an entry to the Arabic Wikipedia. It’s about football. And why not?

Now I know some people might say: you couldn't find anything more useful to add than a bio of a footballer? First of all, I don't care. And second of all, I can write whatever I want. In other parts of the world, they call such thing freedom.

Elsewhere, he has a depressing tale about discrimination against the country’s Shi’ites. A friend who wanted to expand his business soon hit trouble:

He has a plan, he has resources, and based on the government's claims of encouraging new industries in the country, he decided to start the first step in the project which is getting the required permissions of the ministry of agriculture. He made the required papers, and sent them to the ministry's branch in the city. After a few days, the ministry called him to come to their offices in order to receive the reply.When he went there, the official told him that his project did not get the required permission. My friend, unpleasantly surprised, asked about the reasons of rejection. The official said, "you know, your name does not qualify." (الاسم ما يأهل) An expression that simply means, "you are not allowed because you are Shiite."

My friend was so depressed that he called me to discuss migration to Canada! I felt so sorry for him, but also felt so angry on this behaviour by the government. The government does not allow Shiites to own large businesses, to become ministers, or even to become principals of elementary schools, and they shamelessly deny any kind of discrimination!

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