It’s confusing. I thought George W. Bush said the right things on the Terri Schiavo case, but I sympathize with some - though not all - of the concern about the dangers of religious over-reach.

There's room for compromise.

Chicago Boyz offers a thoughtful and generous response to Andrew Sullivan.

On the other hand, Jeff Jarvis talks sense too:

I think it's more than that religion is a distraction from the nation's business. I think Americans get scared when they confront people who are too religious -- especially when they do that on the other side of the church/state wall. This doesn't mean the Democrats should be godless; they should just be religously moderate (read: sane). In the primaries, we will find odd and new coalitions among conservative Catholics and born-agains pushing the Repubicans further to the religious right. But in the general election, a religious mainstreamer can win over a fringer.

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