Anne Cunningham observes that you don't have to be a man to have "man date" problems.

Life is getting very complicated. As ever, the writers of "Seinfeld" were onto this years ago, in
the wigmaster episode. Picture Jerry and the ultra-gay, musical, theatrical Ethan sitting at a pavement cafe table when Ethan's old acquaintance, Jessie, passes by:

Jessie:. "Hi it's me Jessie....George Hamilton's personal assistant."
Ethan:. "Right, Right.
Ethan: "How you doin'?"

Jessie: "Nice to see you.."
Ethan: "This is Jerry."
Jerry: "Hello.."
Jessie:. "Yeah , hummm [turns back to Ethan] Ethan, what brings you in to town."
Ethan: "I'm touring with Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"
Jessie: "You're kidding... Listen maybe you and I should... ehmmm, get together. Have you been on the slide at Club USA? It's ...intense."
Jerry: [Interrupts] "Excuse me...Excuse me... Are you asking him out?"
Jessie: "Yeah...I guess you could say that.."
Jerry: "Right in front of me!. How do you know we're not together. Two guys sittin', laughin', drinking Champagne Coolies."
Jessie: "I dunno I just didn't think you were."
Jerry: "Well we're sitting here together. Why wouldn't you think that?"
Jessie: "I don't know. I just didn't."

Jerry: "Well it's very emasculating..."

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