I know, I know, I know. I really shouldn’t link to Terry Teachout’s every move, but he’s so damned interesting. Turn your back for an instant, and he’s produced another unmissable thousand words or more. No wonder his iBook has had a nervous break-down. Here he is again, on why the high arts still have a future, if they forget about chasing the mass market, and why the great Orson Welles might have been better off staying with the theatre rather than going to Hollywood:

Art isn’t religion, but it has something important in common with religion: it’s a form of soulcraft. Souls can only be changed one by one, and each one is as supremely important as the next. Hence there are no small audiences, only small-souled artists. Blessed are the arts that can be experienced by a mere handful of people at a time, for theirs is the kingdom of beauty at its most intense and precious. Orson Welles might not have made Citizen Kane if he’d remembered that, but he probably would have been a happier man—and a better artist.

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