Yesterday was the press night of the Royal Court's new production, "My Name Is Rachel Corrie", a monologue directed by the actor Alan Rickman. I've just finished my review, which runs tomorrow. Even though I knew what the message would be, I was willing to be engaged. No such luck.

Why are so many political plays so shallow? As I've noted before, Bernard Levin asked the same question a decade and a half ago. When I was fifteen or thereabouts, I was so passionate about the Palestinian cause that I wrote to Arab League to request pamphlets that I could quote in my school essays. (I didn't start to reconsider my views until Hama, in 82.) If I'd seen "My Name Is Rachel Corrie" when I was a teenager, I'm sure I would have loved it. I guess my earlier, younger self is the Royal Court's target audience. It should aim higher.
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