It's Saddam Hussein's birthday. Think of him as you read the latest outpourings from the UK's anti-war camp. (There's a detailed rebuttal here.)

While George Will
takes an unflinching - and chastening - look at the insurgency and its prospects (“Iraq's insurgents are degenerate Hobbesians -- Hobbes's subtlety reduced to the ruthless cunning of one idea…”), Iraq The Model's Mohammed notices that Al-Jazeera is doing its best not to notice progress at the national assembly:

Something I also wanted to mention which is not a surprise at all is that Al-Jazeera totally ignored today's session and while it allocated long hours talking about the delay in announcing the government in the past few weeks, the channel chose to ignore the important event and was instead broadcasting a history report with the running news subtitle talking about violence and explosions!

For years before 2003, a day like this ... was one of the worst days of the year. We were forced to watch disgusting theatrical celebrations showing Iraqis happily and cheerfully celebrating Saddam's birthday. While today I was following Iraq's birth with true joy and hope and instead of trying to avoid facing the TV screen like I used to do in the past, today I was flipping channels like crazy trying to find more and more details about this great event.

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