An amusing article by John O’Farrell in the Daily Telegraph (not on-line yet) recounts the trauma of standing as a Labour candidate in my formerly true-blue constituency. He gets in some nice jokes at the expense of the village where I live:

The tanned, Moschino-wearing inhabitants of this corner of Middle England somehow give the impression of having been nouveau riche for 10 successive generations. My challenge was to knock on their doors and persuade them to vote for a minimum wage of £4.20. Lucky for them that their Croatian nannies couldn’t understand a word of English.

Touché. There is indeed a corner o
f this place that goes by the nickname of “Berkshire’s Beverly Hills” (no, it doesn’t have the right ring, does it?). And it is sometimes possible to spot Ulrika Jonsson or Chris Rea in the convenience store. But most of us wouldn’t know whether you put Moschino on your head or your feet (I’ll get the answer on Google in a minute), and I’ve always been struck by the fact that, in fifteen years, I’ve met only about a dozen conservatives. Even fewer locals ever seem to have a good word to say for the US: Clinton was just about tolerable, Bush is absolutely beyond the pale. Which is why I am regarded as a bit of a village idiot. The local Lib Dems, who have gone from strength to strength in the past decade, are pushing for a win on Thursday. They seem pretty confident and extremely well-organized. Middle England is a strange place today. I’m surprised John O’Farrell doesn’t feel more at home here.
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