Channel 4 has an item on Michael Howard’s failure to wash his hands before meeting a hospital patient. The Leader of the Opposition duly appears to explain himself. Over on Sky, they are discussing whether or not pupils at a London school booed Tony Blair when he paid a visit today. Or were they just being their normal, charming selves?

Now I know why I haven’t been watching much of the coverage.

Stephen Pollard’s quandary is a lot more interesting.

Iain Murray, who hasn’t given up hope of a Conservative win, seems pretty underwhelmed by the campaign so far:
At this election the choice may be seen as between Labour lies and Tory uselessness.

And John O’Sullivan has some good advice for the blues:

Instead of concentrating on the prime minister's "untrustworthiness," Tory leader Michael Howard would do better to argue that it was Blair's (and his party's) left-wing deference to international law and the U.N. that got him into trouble.

Absolutely. But I don’t suppose it will happen.
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