We're going to sit down to watch the DVD of "Take The Money and Run" tonight (and we certainly won't be taking any notice of the sniffy reviews at Rottentomatoes.) But what about venturing out to catch Melinda and Melinda? Well, the soundtrack album is nice enough - lots of Erroll Garner and a snippet of Dick Hyman playing Bach - but I can't say I'm tempted to buy a ticket at the multiplex.

What's gone wrong with Allen's Manhattan? Some answers from the Washington Post's Desson Thomson:

This climate is as rarefied and anemic as the way these New Yorkers most likely consider Appalachian life: an inbred inflexibility to outside ideas, a feeling of insular sanctimoniousness. Allen's New Yorkers may not twang tinny guitars in the mountains, but they clamor to watch Bartok string quartets with similarly reflexive reverence. There, I've said it: Woody Allen's people have become urbane rednecks.

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