I only just got round to reading Toby Harnden's
interview with Walid Jumblatt in the Spectator. (BTW, look who's quoted at the end):

Long seen as a weathervane of Lebanese politics, Jumblatt has cleverly used shifting alliances to keep the Druze, under 10 per cent of the population, aligned with those on top. His rejection of Syria is a recognition that, on balance, Bush rather than Assad is calling the shots. He chuckled at the notion that he is now the darling of the neocons, though he fits almost to a tee the classic definition of the term — socially liberal, formerly left-wing, a believer in the efficacy of military power and the universal application of democracy. He even confessed to reading the works of Robert Kaplan.

Jumblatt isn't an all-out optimist when it comes to his country's immediate future, but he certainly seems to have renounced his old anti-American ways:
I was in this old, closed mindset of denouncing the imperialist.
It sounds as if Channel 4 News just lost a viewer.
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