Rebuild the World Trade Center? That's James Panero's proposal for Ground Zero over at Armavirumque. He clearly doesn't have time for flavour-of-the-month Daniel Libeskind - "the architectural equivalent of an ambulance chaser":

No one liked Libeskind, no one liked his plans, but the collective sigh of all New Yorkers was that, well, whatever was going to happen, you knew it wouldn't be good.

I'm not sure how many locals felt huge affection for the WTC in the first place. Panero, on the other hand, cites a recent poll which showed 80% support for resurrecting the original structure:

As groundbreaking on the Libeskind's "Freedom Tower" grounds out, it may just be that a popular movement is afoot to bring such a decision--yes, a popular vote--to a head on Ground Zero. Eggheads like Libeskind and politicians like Pataki rely on intimidation--intellectual intimidation against the popular will and political intimidation against amenable developers and celebrity support. But a popular referendum on Ground Zero could not be ignored. It should happen.

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