As I mentioned yesterday, The Times's Simon Jenkins, knight of the realm, was rubbing shoulders with the humble pajamahadeen in Washington this week. Here's his take:

Earlier threats to the press came from new conduits of news and information. Today’s goes to the heart of my trade. It peddles opinion. I can pretend to occupy a higher plane. I can try pleading factual accuracy, consistency, uncorruptibility and a quote or two from Shakespeare. But in truth I too am a blogger, snatching at some item of passing news to argue a case and persuade. And I charge for it. The blogger does it for nothing. I am on my mettle as never before.

I think he's too sanguine about the UK press, but we'll see:

British papers need not worry — as yet. Such much-cited blog triumphs as the toppling of Eason Jordan, the CNN executive, and the humiliation of CBS’s Dan Rather would not have needed the web to expose them in Britain. They would have been splashed across every tabloid....I have great respect for American journalism. Despite its frequent pomposity, it remains the central platform for “speaking truth to power”. In the madhouse of the American media, institutions such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and the news networks can seem the last fingertips by which American opinion grips a
hold of external reality. But they are monolithic. When they ignore a story, they lay themselves open to the howling of the blog. British journalism howls in print, day and night.

UPDATE: The Daily Ablution and Harry's Place are none too impressed.

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