Here’s how Slate chose to introduce economist Steven Landsburg’s article on the Terri Schiavo case: "Imagine Terri Were a Toaster …" In the same magazine, Christopher Hitchens - a writer I really admire - struck a strangely facetious note too:

"...[A]ll through Easter Sunday, one had to be alert to the possibility that, at any moment, the late and long-dead Terri Schiavo would receive the stigmata on both palms and both feet and be wafted across the Florida strait, borne up by wonder-working dolphins, to be united in eternal bliss with the man-child Elián González."

Vanity Fair blogger James Wolcott joined in the bad-taste contest:
[Charles] Krauthammer and his allies are rallying around Terri as if she were a large-scale fetus...
I had dinner on Saturday with a NY friend - a left-winger through and through - and was struck by the flippant tone in his voice when the subject came up. What is it about the Schiavo case that makes people talk in this way? Sure, there are religious fanatics trying to make capital. But is that a good enough excuse? Both parties have respectable arguments to put forward, yet there isn't much sign of simple human generosity on the liberal side of the fence.

As The American Scene points out, you don't have to be what that oh-so-clever man from the New Yorker calls a "Christianist" to be disturbed by Terri Schiavo's fate. You don't even have to be faintly religious, as Nat Hentoff - an avowed atheist -demonstrates in his must-read Village Voice column (via The Corner). Along the way, Hentoff asks a simple question:

Do you know that nearly every major disability rights organization in the country has filed a legal brief in support of Terri's right to live?

No, I wasn't aware of that. For more insights into the implications for the disabled, turn to the impassioned article by cerebral palsy sufferer, Joe Ford (linked to by Power Line).

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