It goes without saying that there are fanatics - and opportunists - on both sides. I think Charles Krauthammer gets it about right. He doesn't like to see Washington politicians get involved, but the Florida court rulings worry him even more:

For Congress and the president to then step in and try to override that by shifting the venue to a federal court was a legal travesty, a flagrant violation of federalism and the separation of powers. The federal judge who refused to reverse the Florida court was certainly true to the law. But the law, while scrupulous, has been merciless, and its conclusion very troubling morally. We ended up having to choose between a legal travesty on the one hand and human tragedy on the other.

UPDATE: I'm not sure how to describe Juan Cole's contribution - picked up by Hugh Hewitt . The Islamization of the Republican Party?? File under oddball, if you like. I like James Q. Wilson's response:

It is hard to believe that a professor at a major university can utter such silliness, but if you want to hear silliness, sometimes you have to go to a university to hear it.

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