RS blogger Tim Dickinson digs into his old record collection:
To quote Buffalo Springfield: "Something's happenin' here."
Too right it is. I'm not particularly interested in crowing over the mea culpa from Rolling Stone. Well, all right, I do want to do a tiny bit of gloating over the fact that it's finally giving Bush some credit. What really strikes me is Dickinson's admission that he'd never given the neocons' "democratic domino" theory a second thought. Isn't that the Left's problem at the moment? Hardly anyone wants to do anything as simple as examining the other side's arguments. Why can't they try learning from, say, Normblog or Harry's Place? No, that's too difficult. For thirty years these people have grown fat on slogans. Why bother to do a little hard thinking when you can portray your opponents as the spawn of Satan?

Even Dickinson can't bear too much reality for long. Soon he's back to sneering mode:
To build support for an entrenched war that lost its legitimacy in the fruitless search for mythical WMDs, the president's strategists have now found the underpinning they probably should have used all along: Liberating the Middle East is the logical extension of liberation in Eastern Europe. Such a justification speaks to Americans' nationalist self-image as Beacons of Liberty, and has a veneer of selflessness (as opposed to the venal self-interest that has characterized so much of the Iraq misadventure) that's almost bulletproof. Which is to say: It's great politics.
Did he really mean any of that? Or was he just trying to cheer himself up? At least he's doing a little thinking. Unlike the NY Press's Matt Taibbi (via James Wolcott) who is still steaming over Kurt Andersen's betrayal of the Cause.
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