On the whole, it was probably not a good idea to do a phone interview while trying to make dinner. ("Dad, what's that smoke coming from the oven?") And it really wasn't worthwhile trying to have a sensible discussion with the American musician - who will remain nameless - who thinks his country is in the grip of Nazi stormtroopers.

I'm getting used to hearing this kind of thing whenever I deal with arts types. Soon after 9/11 I interviewed a well-known American performer who insisted, with the straightest of faces, that there was no proof that the hijackers were Muslims. ("How do you know they weren't Jews?") Today's VIP - articulate, highly educated and a nice guy in most respects - spent a good deal of time bemoaning the dumbing-down of the US. Why can't the country, he wonders, go back to the good old days of the Lincoln-Douglas debates? He may have a point. But had he ever considered that the Internet is creating a modern equivalent of a mass meeting? No, replied, he hadn't. You see, he doesn't use a computer all that often.
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