A BA in beer-drinking? The Economist reports (subscriber-only) that Oxford University is launching a journalism institute. The FT’s John Lloyd, a man with firm opinions on the British media, is said to be among the editors and writers pushing the idea:

All believe that there is a problem with the quality of British journalism. One issue is its silliness—the obsession with celebrity gossip and manufactured scandal that has spread from the popular papers to the qualities. Last week, the British Press Awards, the industry's annual shindig, gave its “Newspaper of the Year” award to the country's most downmarket Sunday paper, the News of the World; “Scoop of the year” went for a story about a footballer's adultery, gained largely by use of the editorial cheque-book. Drunkenness at the awards, and their downmarket tone, have led 11 editors to say they will boycott them in future. Some backers of the new Oxford outfit would like it to have its own awards, on the lines of America's Pulitzer prizes.

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