Nicholas Kristof thinks the green movement, as we know it, is dead. Will we get a grown-up variety in its place, he wonders? Or will the fundamentalists continue to play up scare stories for all their worth?

Jared Diamond, author of the fascinating new book "Collapse," which shows how some civilizations in effect committed suicide by plundering their environments, says false alarms aren't a bad thing. Professor Diamond argues that if we accept false alarms for fires, then why not for the health of our planet? But environmental alarms have been screeching for so long that, like car alarms, they are now just an irritating background noise.

Shame he felt the need to add a gratuitous slap at the Right. ("Some [environmentalists] do great work, but others can be the left's equivalents of the neocons: brimming with moral clarity and ideological zeal, but empty of nuance. "] But that's the NYT house style, I suppose.

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