It would be much better for my blood pressure if I avoided watching the BBC's journalist round-table, Dateline London. (No video link, unfortunately.) But I suppose my masochistic streak forces me back again and again. Yet more rampant anti-Bushery this afternoon. Would it ever occur to any of the panellists that it might be more interesting to treat Paul Wolfowitz and John Bolton as more than neo-con pantomime villains? No, of course not. I was waiting for someone to point out that (as Andrew Sullivan and John O'Sullivan have both noted) Bolton isn't actually a neo-conservative to begin with. But nuance doesn't have any place in this programme. Moderator Gavin Esler did at least try to play Devil's advocate today. But please, if the producers are going to have an American journalist on the show, couldn't they occasionally find one who is willing to explain Bush's policies in an objective way? (Newsweek's Stryker McGuire was today's house-trained guest.) Honestly, I don't want mindless plugs for Donald Rumsfeld, simply an intelligent, even-handed discussion. If the Beeb is really serious about improving its journalism, it can make a start right here.

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