The Palestinian ambassador in Sri Lanka, Attalah Quiba, puts forward a new reason for Yasser Arafat's demise:

Responding to questions at a media conference in Colombo on Friday, Quiba claimed that two Israelis who met Arafat on the day he was taken sick "used a laser device to attack Arafat. "They tried to flee after using the device but
were wrestled down by the Palestinian Authority security personnel. Both men
were carrying Canadian passports."

Quiba was quoted as saying the Palestinian Authority immediately informed the Israeli government of the "attempt on Arafat's life." Samples of Arafat's blood were tested in 16 countries and it was revealed that he had been poisoned by high technology, he said. Asked about reports that Arafat's meals had been poisoned, Quiba said it was not possible since Arafat always shared the food served to him and was the last to partake of it."

(via James Taranto)

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