A disappointingly tepid Guardian op-ed from Timothy Garton Ash. All right, there's still plenty that can go wrong, but still:

What is happening on the streets of Beirut is not a result of the invasion of Iraq, nor does it retrospectively justify that invasion. But it does, obviously, have something to do with American policy.

Yes, indeed.
Belgravia Dispatch is better value this morning as he ponders the risks and opportunities. Meanwhile one of Jonah Goldberg's readers
does a bit of geo-politicking:

The common complaint of [Jon] Stewart and the anti-hygiene anti-war crowd seems to be that the freedom of Iraqis was an after the fact rationalization for the war. It got me thinking, so I did some heavy research and was quite surprised to learn that the military operation was not named “Operation Iraqi WMD”! Apparently it was called—get this!—Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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