Fred Barnes spells it out in today's Wall St Journal:

Mr. Bolton has a trait much admired by the president: He doesn't care about being liked. At the UN, he won't be.

S Not surprisingly, perhaps, TNR's Peter Beinart is less sanguine in his Washington Post op-ed. He thinks comparisons with Daniel Patrick Moynihan and Jeane Kirkpatrick - two UN luminaries from the past - are over-stated:

Moynihan and Kirkpatrick were effective because their oppositional styles suited the time -- a time when there was little the United States could do at the United Nations other than oppose. Today the United States has an opportunity to lead. And by choosing Bolton, the Bush administration may be squandering it.

Stanley Kurtz is unimpressed with that reasoning:

It’s more likely that Beinart is cleverly positioning himself for his purge of Democrat doves. By opposing Bolton, Beinart gains the sort of credibility with the Democrat street that will allow him to turn against MoveOn.org. Whether or not the Arab street is a myth, the Democrat street is all too real. I can see why Beinart needs to kowtow to it on Bolton. I just don’t think he’ll ever be able to cross the Democrat street–without getting flattened.

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