Whenever I get into an argument with an America-basher - and, boy, have I come across plenty of those later - the one subject that's hardest to debate is health-care. I simply don't know enough about pros and cons and flow charts . All I can say is that my experience of the NHS has not been a particularly happy one. Thankfully, James Bartholomew sheds some light in his cover feature in the Spectator. He's by no means starry-eyed about the US system, but neither is he in any doubt as to which country has the least-worst deal:

Half the bankruptcies in America are people who had previously been ill. In Britain the system might kill you. In America the system will keep you alive but might bankrupt you....

You have a better chance of living to see another day in the American mishmash non-system with its sweet pills of charity, its dose of municipal care and large injection of rampant capitalist supply (even despite the blanket of over-regulation) than in the British system where the state does everything. It is not that America is good at running healthcare. It is just that British state-run healthcare is so amazingly, achingly, miserably and mortally incompetent.

I haven't yet read Bartholomew's book on the welfare state. But he has an interesting web site here.
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