Hugh Hewitt extols the work of the news bloggers as he summarizes the hubbub surrounding the Eason Jordan affair. All right, he's no neutral on blog-issues, but it's interesting to note that anchorwoman Judy Woodruff - one of Jordan's colleagues - hadn't even heard of the story until Monday.

UPDATE: Bret Stephens, who was in the audience when Jordan spoke in Davos, today gives his account of what went on. It doesn't look as if the comments were quite as inflammatory as some people have claimed. But they're bad enough, says Stephens. (Incidentally, if I were Jordan, I wouldn't be totally relaxed about being defended by Richard Sambrook, the BBC executive renowned for his part in Gilligan-gate. To his credit, though, Sambrook gives a pretty detailed response to the queries raised by Jay Rosen.)
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