Singletons tend to get all the attention today, but Judith Warner's NY Times op-ed looks at romance in the modern marriage, or the lack thereof. It's not a subject that's still not addressed all that often in films or books. (Did anyone do it better than Kingsley Amis in "That Uncertain Feeling"?) Even though I wouldn't want to go back to my carefree, child-free existence, I do understand the point she's making:

"The culture of parenthood today is one in which marriages must fight to flourish. This is not because women naturally love their children more than their husbands. Nor is it because motherhood is naturally so exhausting and the world of work necessarily so draining that it's all but impossible for husbands and wives to find each other at the end of the day. It's because the roles we're playing - Supermom and Superdad - are love-killers. "

James Wolcott offers more gloomy thoughts on love and the unattached woman. Hope I haven't spoilt anyone's day. I'm sure I'll find something more cheerful as the day wears on.
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