Harry gives Tariq Ali - the unsurgents' favourite pundit - a good
fisking. As Harry points out, the N-word is flying around yet again. This time the neocons are being linked to the Third Reich...

The fact that most of the British media doesn't seem to understand what a neocon is always strikes me as weird. After all, it's not hard to get hold of Commentary or the Weekly Standard, is it?

Harry conducted a neat
interview with the FT's John Lloyd the other day. Lloyd, one of the best journalists on this side of the water, was irked that his critics had thrown the neocon label at him. It has become the ultimate all-purpose insult, I suppose. (I actually think that if you locked Lloyd in a room with William Kristol and the ghost of Daniel Patrick Moynihan, they'd find themselves agreeing on an awful lot of sensible subjects. Is that something to be ashamed of?)

Anyway, next time you see the press throwing smears around, remember
Brooks' Law:

If you ever read a sentence that starts with "Neocons believe," there is a 99.44 percent chance everything else in that sentence will be untrue.
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