Jonah Goldberg has just guaranteed himself a lot of hostile e-mails. He makes a reasonable point, though. I'm sure bloggers can live with a little criticism - it's all part of a bigger dialogue about the fast-changing relationship between big and little media:

I hope I'm not stepping in it too badly here, but I think it's time to remind some people that bloggers aren't a race or a religion. For some it may be a way of life or a creed or some such. But that may be part of the problem. I think it started with the Pajama thing. Maybe I took offense for that remark for different reasons than others did. I thought it was bad because it was a way of arrogantly deflecting the problems at CBS by attacking the accusers who had the facts on their side. But
it increasingly seems that bloggers, as a group, don't like criticism period. This is a gross generalization about a sentiment more than absolute declaration of fact. But I get more and more email from bloggers - or devout blog readers - in which the correspondents make it sound as if criticizing the medium is entirely illegitimate and almost immoral...

UPDATE: A little chastened, JG expands and explains...

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