As Stephen Pollard points out, after wiping his cappuccino off the TV screen, Vanessa Redgrave is becoming medialand's answer to Mother Teresa.
The dewy-eyed reviews of Paul Foot's posthumous book suggest the SWP's front man will soon be canonized too. (At least Francis Wheen manages to strike a sceptical note at the very end of his piece.) Foot did a lot of good work on prison reform, and I'm sure he was very nice company (his friends never miss a chance to remind us that he came from a Very Important Family) but his refusal ever to move the clock on from August 1968 always seemed the ultimate public schoolboy revolt. He should have been toting a machine-gun around in "If..."
At the Daily Kos, on the other hand, some people seem willing (just about, anyway) to accept that the world is moving on.
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