Page after page of fawning Charles-and-Camilla bunting in today's papers. No wonder Julie Burchill is so irritated:

No one is saying that the Prince of Wails shouldn’t be allowed to go off and marry a woman who has a face like Iggy Pop’s arse, if that’s what turns him on. But some of us refuse to understand why said Bum-Face will then be allowed to glory in the title of Princess Consort, Queen in all but name. If he knew the meaning of the word honour, Prince Charles would choose once and for all between private life and public duty. But he doesn’t, and he never has, so he won’t — he will simply continue, in the typical soft, decadent style that marks every aspect of his life, to demand the best of both worlds.

Though we never get used to being insulted by our monarchy, we are a stoic people and neither do we despair. For we know that they eventually will do for themselves; that given enough rope, they will first attempt to use it as a cummerbund, failing that attempt to tie their mistress to the royal bedstead with it, and failing that hang themselves with it...
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