Yet another reason to believe that the Royal Family has a death-wish.

You want to hear some of the others? Prince Harry, Prince Harry and Prince Harry. And Prince William whenever he dresses up like a ninny to go out hunting and shooting. Not to mention Prince Philip, of course. Then there's Princess Michael. And James Hewitt. And Prince Andrew and his golf trips. And the modern face of the Tory monarchist, Nicholas Soames. Not forgetting all of Prince Harry's friends. And the daughter of Princess Anne whose name I can't recall - the one who likes having her photo taken at parties and made a big point of announcing that she doesn't read books.

The day I stopped believing the monarchy would survive was when my mum - who was born in the same year as the Queen and wouldn't hear a word said against her - told me how angry she was at the news that the taxpayer would be paying the bill for the Windsor Castle fire.

From that point onward, they were doomed.
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