George made plans to be out of town, in Hawaii with Marcia and the Hycks for the opening of "Star Wars", the way he was when "Graffitti" premiered. He was still afraid the movie was going to be a huge embarrassment...

By the time they got to the hotel, their box was stuffed with messages from Fox. They said "Watch the six o'clock news." George and Marcia and Willard and Gloria crowded in front of the TV and saw Walter Cronkite report that the lines were around the block. Lucas couldn't believe it. They figured, We're rich, we're rich. The next day they went into town trying to spend some of their future earnings, but they were in Hawaii; the only thing they could buy was sun-tan lotion and shells. George said, "You know, these yoghurt things are really going to take off, maybe I'll buy a yoghurt franchise." He wanted to return to California to enjoy his success, but he couldn't, because he had made such a big point of saying, "I don't care what happens, I'm above all that crap."

Peter Biskind, "Easy Riders, Raging Bulls"
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