I haven't had much time to post today, as I've been finishing a Washington Times review of "History on Trial", Deborah Lipstadt's memoir of the David Irving libel case, It's an excellent book, definitely an antidote to our post-modern, deconstructionist times. (Incidentally, Lipstadt has her own blog. As she explains there, she's answering Washington Post readers' questions on-line today.) Interesting to note that Ward Churchill once denounced her as an "Eichmann" for refusing to equate the fate of Native Americans with the Holocaust. The man is beyond a joke.

Says Lipstadt:

He is not very important but people such as Irving and Ward Churchill have the
ability to sow seeds of damage. [Particularly now that Ward Churchill is seen by
many folks as a martyr on the altar of academic freedom.] I am reminded of what
Anthony Julius said to me early in my legal battle: "Fighting David Irving is
like the shit you step in on the street. The shit has no importance unless you
neglect to clean if off your shoes before you go into the house." So too with
these guys.

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