The bad news in the Spectator is that Andrew Gilligan is on another of his anti-Bush rants: "In many places, President Bush’s war on terror has made the cause of freedom more hopeless than ever." And so on. Gilligan thinks soft power is everything, when surely it's really part of a judicious mix of good cop/bad cop tactics.

President Bush now attempts to secure freedom principally by force of arms, but since the second world war, all major attempts by the United States to advance American values by military means have failed. This is hardly surprising. The 82nd Airborne is jolly good at breaking things and killing people but, as one might have foreseen, this has proved an entirely hopeless way of getting anyone to love America or what it stands for. Iraqis are far more anti-American than they ever were under Saddam Hussein.

"Principally by force of arms..."? Which inauguration speech was Gilligan listening to? Or has he been reading the minutes of the media's favourite bogeymen, The Secret Society of Neocons & Allied Jewish Lobbyists? All in all, his article is something of an embarrassment. Mark Steyn is on hand with some hand grenades elsewhere in the magazine.
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