Just in case anyone accuses us warmongers of being euphoric, a bracing exchange of views can be found in Front Page's symposium on the prospects for democracy in the Middle East. Is it a realistic option? Christopher Hitchens (yes, him again - he's still on a roll) acknowledges the pitfalls, but thinks the jihadists have been forced onto the defensive:

These forces did not even lose the elections in Afghanistan: they declined to contest them and sought to sabotage them. Ditto for Iraq. This must tell us something. Meanwhile, a leader of Hamas in Gaza has just told David Remnick of the New Yorker that he was slightly apprehensive about taking part in elections because Hamas might win, and in that case would either have to declare total war on Israel or start making a deal with it. (Neither contingency seemed all that attractive to him.)

Thus, I think it is possible to say that the logic of democracy, and its essential corollary of responsibility, is already at work in the Middle East. We should take a moment to acknowledge this, as we salute the extraordinary sacrifice of those who have died, and are dying, to bring it about.
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