In an otherwise tame NYT review of James Brown's autobiography, poet Ishmael Reed offers a wry observation on the music industry's house rules:

A cultural critic on CNN recently said that the importance of Leadbelly was that
without him there'd be no Eric Clapton. Can't you just see Leadbelly pounding
rocks at prison, saying to himself, ''I have to somehow endure this because
without me there will be no Eric Clapton''?
If you want to know how things have gone downhill since Brown conquered the Apollo Theatre, take a peek at the Independent on Sunday's review (not yet on-line) of a Snoop Dogg show:

...in a notoriously lazy industry (where perfunctory 20-minute PAs are the norm) Snoop Dogg is a remarkable exception, keeping Manchester entertained for over an hour and a quarter...
Truly, the man has stamina.
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