Rony Abovitz, the blogger who did so much to set the Eason Jordan affair running, reflects on the consequences. No triumphalism here:

I am unnerved by what has happened, at the ferocity of the blog swarm, of Eason's fumbled retreats, evasive maneuvers, and an inexplicable refusal to have his own words played back to the world on a videotape (which does exist). The head of the largest news organization in the world, afraid of himself.... Why Eason retreated and evaded and hid behind a web of spin is a mystery to me. ...

This is a hollow outcome in many ways, and one must ask if justice was served. Will this form of justice be applied with an even hand to all, no matter what political persuasion or leaning? What leader of the Right will go down in a similar manner, because no one on the Right or Left is infallible. None of us are. Media leaders must be terrified at what has happened here - will they limit the speech of their organizations now, and retreat even further? That would be a terrible wrong. Freedom of speech, of information, must be protected, even widened. Will professors cease speaking their views out of fear that a random student will topple them and their department?

(via Little Green Footballs)

UPDATE: A new logo for a new era?

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