The hard-headed David Frum has begun posting a series of mini-essays explaining why Republicans should beware of euphoria:
This is party week for Republicans, and there’s a lot to celebrate. But over
here at the Frum Diary, the celebration is going to be diluted with a little
realism. The fact is that this administration is going into the second term
burdened by some very real weaknesses and threatened by some very real
dangers – and nobody in the Bush administration seems to be very concerned
to do anything about them. The hyper-polarized partisan atmosphere in
Washington these days seems to mean that everything said about the
administration is either an attack or else an excuse. But excuses don't
solve problems.

Incidentally, I think he's wrong to be so sanguine about the Prince Harry business, but that's another story. [See above. Sorry for being so repetitive...]
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