Teenagerdom hasn't yet struck in full force in my household; I'm still able to rule as a benevolent dictator, at least for the time being. But I enjoy reading the Q&As in the Independent's "Teenage Angst" column (sadly, not available on-line), which gives The Youth of Today a chance to answer back. It's not always a pretty sight, but there's always a useful thought or two.

This week's discussion revolved around the old chestnut: "Why do today's teenagers seem so discontented? Surely they have it easy. Are you happy with your life? If not, why not?"

Back came this astute reply from 15 year-old Tom Greene:
"All you adults, you're always stressed or shouting or tired. You have money, a car and can stay out all night. Why aren't you happy with your lives? Surely you have it easy..."

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