I didn't see the video tape until late last night. Now I understand why the Spurs fans are so aggrieved. One of them has forwarded an FA statement which goes some way to clearing up the mystery:

"The shot came in from an unusual distance and as such caught the linesman out of position, forcing him race back towards the goal as the play developed," explained the spokesman. "As he ran, the United scarf he was wearing under his shirt came loose and fluttered up into his face obscuring his view and preventing him from making the call. It was just one of those things.

"...The root cause of the problem lies not with the linesman but with the players and management of Tottenham Football Club who broke one the most important unwritten rules of the English FA: they placed a shot on target at Old Trafford. Mr Jol is new to this country and perhaps he's not yet familiar with some of our finer traditions. If he doesn't yet understand that for the greater good of the game visiting teams, by tradition, are not expected to try to score at Old Trafford, then our officials are in a position to help Mr Jol make that cultural adjustment"
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