Life is too short, so I didn't feel the need to watch the show again. But plenty of other people did see it.

Susannah Clapp thinks "Jerry Springer - The Opera" is "a modern classic". Crooked Timber was impressed too.

In a screening organised by the Telegraph, Anne Atkins succumbed to boredom, Stephen Green thought the show was "1,000 times worse than I had expected", while Peter Tatchell condemned "po-faced zealots"

At the Independent Michael Ancram, Linda Smith and Joan Bakewell weigh in on the free speech issue

The Mail
condemns the threats made against BBC executives. Meanwhile, on-line Mail readers (who are probably a lot less representative of Middle England than their dead-tree counterparts) give their reactions.

In an excellent piece that's worth reading in full, David Aaronovitch defends the opera, and looks at the implications for the planned law on religious incitement. Whichever side of the argument you're on, you'll find it a provocative read.

On a separate note, the Guardian notes that the BBC is
losing viewers at an alarming rate? Will "JSTO" help or hinder that trend, I wonder?

UPDATE(S): Mary Kenny supports the Christian protestors, and calls for a grown-up debate on censorship.

A disgruntled William Rees-Mogg thinks the BBC has undermined public service broadcasting.

Church-goer D.J. Taylor found it was "funny: well choreographed, full of good lines and gaining most of its impact from the weird juxtaposition of mundane dialogue and mock-high art setting..."
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