Most of the film critics seem to think the problem with Oliver Stone's "Alexander" is that it's stupid and inept. Stone himself, never one to indulge in too much humility, tells the Telegraph that the zeitgeist is to blame:

" 'Young boys, they wanted a warrior and nothing else. They did not want to see a man with vulnerabilities.' He ponders for a moment. 'It has a lot to do with the war in Iraq,' he says finally. 'There is something very strange going on in this country at the moment. It is like the whole value system has gone awry.... '

"Stone, it seems, has been a victim of fate. And not for the first time. The man whose anti-war Born on the Fourth of July was released on the day America invaded Panama, now finds that, when he makes a film depicting a thoughtful, some would say too hesitant, leader, it is released when America most wants vindication for its war in Iraq.

"Stone shrugs: 'I can't help the timing of wars.' "

That last sentence suggests he can be humble after all. Sort of...
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