Can't get enough of The Golden Globes? About Last Night links to a movie group blog, The Conversation, which has some refreshingly irreverent opinions on the awards business (or racket, depending on your point of view). Did you know, for instance, that there is a "Miss Golden Globes" (a role awarded this year to Kathryn Eastwood, daughter of Clint:
...Apparently it's an honor bestowed each year on a "second-generation performer," whose responsibilities include the onstage distribution of statuettes. Previous actor-spawn to have borne the title include Laura Dern (Bruce Dern's daughter), Joely Fisher (Eddie Fisher's), and Melanie Griffith (Tippi Hedren's). If we needed any more evidence that this occasion is a profoundly nepotistic, insidery one, there it is.

They don't pull their punches, do they?
...Calling Jamie Foxx’s role in Collateral a "Supporting Actor" part seems so inexact as to be borderline offensive. What, because he was driving while black? Foxx’s cabbie is clearly the movie’s protagonist, and his screen time is, at the very least, equal to Tom Cruise’s...

...If Imelda Staunton won Best Actress for Vera Drake, it would be such a vicarious triumph for normal-looking women everywhere...It would just be so great to see this tiny, stout person sweep past Uma, Scarlett, Nicole and Hilary, all of them dripping in borrowed Harry Winston jewels, and hold aloft an award approximately as tall as she is.
Imelda Staunton is stout??? I detect a clash of cultures....

UPDATE: A reader asks for my evidence. How's this? By the way, she has a terrific one-woman musical comedy show to her name as well, as she proved in a residency at the Donmar Warehouse a few years ago. The programme had everything from Irish ballads to toned-down Judy Garland.

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