Natan Sharansky's book, "The Case For Democracy" has had an enthusiastic reception from conservatives in the US. The Daily Telegraph's diplomatic editor, Anton La Guardia (author of a well-received study of the Arab-Israeli conflict) is more sceptical. I'm not suggesting his is the last word on the subject, merely that it's worth taking into account. His review, in today's edition, doesn't seem to be on-line yet, unfortunately:
There is much in Sharansky's account that is thought-provoking...But his analysis comes apart when he turns to the Middle East and compares Arafat to Stalin. Arafat was no saint and he certainly used terrorism against Israel, but he did not impose anything like Stalin's blood-drenched Terror on his own people...He acknowledges Palestinian "suffering", but not Palestinian nationalism. And he implies that Palestinians who say they are sick of the Israeli occupation are just displaying double-think" - spouting the requisite words to avoid trouble with the tyrannical Palestinian leadership. This is self-serving nonsense - the next
time Sharansky goes to the White House, President Bush should beware of
such double-speak.

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