I'm still in a mild state of shock at Michael Moore's failure to win a place on the Oscar nominations. I really didn't think the Academy would display that much commonsense. There's no question that Fahrenheit 9/11 is a wildly mendacious piece of work. Most of my friends, sadly, won't even condescend to look at the evidence; all that matters to them is that he sticks it to the Republicans.

One little footnote. I interviewed director Taylor Hackford some weeks ago about his film, "Ray". (My article is here.) One subject I didn't have room to include was Hackford's view of F9/11. Given his left-wing politics and his background in documentaries, I was keen to find out what he thought. It turned out that he had a very low opinion of the film's grasp of reality, and was astonished that it won a prize at Cannes. Could it be that there are lots of other people in Hollywood who secretly think the same?
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