The life and times of soprano Renee Fleming ~~~ Dolly Parton holds forth in Las Vegas ~~~

What's the typical audience for a Broadway show? ~~~ A devotee of Brazilian music turns

her passion into a blog ~~~ "fRoots" magazine lists world music albums of 2004. (But where

are the magical Franco-Cubans, Las Ondas Marteles??) ~~~ Alex Ross asks why

classical aficionados stopped clapping between movements ~~~ J.D. Considine gets his

teeth into misogyny in rap ~~~ Greil Marcus dissects the American folk ballad ~~~

In a 70th birthday tribute to Elvis, six generations of music-lovers discuss the wonder of

Presley ~~~ Listen to
Pat Metheny's new album ~~~ And if you haven't heard her before,

try to catch graceful jazz pianist Lynne Arriale when she's in your neighbourhood...
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