Of course, he's not a boy - he's 20 years old and the product of one of the most prestigious schools on the planet....Now the Duchess of York enters the fray, announcing to the Telegraph (reg required):
"I am speaking in support of a great young man who needs more support and less
Is there anyone with less credibility than Fergie? How about disgraced historian David Irving (also in the Telegraph)?
"It was a harmless prank and not in poor taste. I haven't worn a Nazi uniform
myself but it was a fancy dress party and very much in character."

I'm with Col Bob Stewart, quoted in the same piece:
"If I had an officer who went to a party dressed as a Nazi I would have dragged him in front of me and given him a punishment of 14 days extra duties. It's bad taste. You don't want your officers seen like that. It's likely he would have been punished for bringing the Officer Corps into disrepute. Prince Harry must be an enormous idiot with minimum common sense. He's made a grave mistake but it's not an error that should stop him entering officer training."

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