Kofi Annan looks more beleaguered by the day. In the New Republic (subscriber-only) Martin Peretz adds his voice to the resignation chorus:

"Now we learn from The New York Times that a group of Annan's friends have met in secret and told him stiffly how to clean up his act--fire this person, promote that--and survive the two years left to his term. Some cause! This is not loyalty to an unfairly beleaguered friend; it is establishment cronyism. Even the merely tawdry transgressions of his service, or on his watch, should impel him to retire. But the fact that he did not try to rouse the moral instincts of mankind against one mass murder after another should fate him at least to silence. Taking the elevator down from the 38th floor of the Secretariat for the last time would be a good way to begin."

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